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Project Description
This code provides a fix for an existing bug with Sharepoint 2010 that prevents workflows to fire on creation or change of a document in a document library using Content Organizer after routing rules are applied.

It is written in C#.


When you attach a workflow to a document library that also has Content Organizer activated, and set that workflow to automatically activate on the addition or change of an item, sometimes the workflow will not fire - especially if a routing rule has been applied.

This fix watches for the addition or change of an item, and if the item is in a document library with the Content Organizer feature activated, it iterates through the attached automatic workflows and forces them to fire.

This is a known defect with Sharepoint 2010. You can read a current discussion here

It is implemented as a site level feature, so you can easily deactivate the feature once a fix from Microsoft is provided.

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